Cloud Desktop

Full featured business desktop with enterprise level controls for availability and security.

Olafe has simplified the process of integrating a Server-Based Computing solution to host your desktops, enabling you to access your entire desktop; including files, applications, printers and other shared resources- from any computer with just an internet connection. Whether you are at the office, home or on vacation, your entire desktop is available online.

Business Agility

Increase productivity with a flexible desktop environment available anytime, anywhere with just an internet connection. Access your data and applications just as if you were sitting in the office from any device type - laptop, tablet, or phone.


24/7 Support

Our team of highly trained technicians have invested in automation so that problems are resolved before you notice them. We are here to answer your questions at any time.

Access Anywhere


Logon from any desktop in the office or login remotely from your home, your customer's office, your home, or anywhere you wish. Your desktop will follow along with you.


Strong security built-in.

Strong authentication, anti-virus, firewall, periodic backups of data and system, strong encryption in transit and at rest.

A hosted virtual desktop is a new form of desktop computing. It removes the need for “traditional” physical desktop PCs in the office environment, and reduces the cost of providing the application and computing services that you need. A hosted desktop looks and behaves like a regular desktop PC, but the software and data you use are hosted in our data centers and streamed securely to wherever you are. You access your hosted desktop securely over an internet connection from via an existing PC or laptop, iPad or thin client.

It’s a simple idea. Instead of your business dealing with the costs and risks of installing and maintaining the hardware and software that is needed, Olafe provides anytime access to desktops and applications.

Hosted desktops give you all the benefits of a sophisticated and responsive IT infrastructure, but at a fraction of the cost of the traditional model. From day one of your relationship with us you will benefit from ready-to-use solutions and a reduction in expense, especially as your business grows and changes.

Our solution gives you the freedom and cost efficiency of a true hosted desktop without any hassle, all delivered securely at lightning speed over the network. Cloud computing lets you decide which parts of your IT infrastructure you want to manage directly or change. Powerful work group features are also available to get your team working together quickly and efficiently.